In honor of the greatest President of the 20th century, we proudly present the award winning President Reagan Information Page! In the spirit of “Winning one for the Gipper” we bring you the truth about the Reagan Era. The President Reagan Information Page is celebrating a decade online! We are proud to have been a source of inspiration and education for people all over the world and look forward to the next decade of inspiration and education.

This home page is dedicated to the winning of Cold War and the resulting freedom for hundreds of millions of people; to the revival of the American Spirit from a point of near-surrender to one of unparalleled greatness; and to the Reagan Era expansion—one that would grow to become the greatest peace-time expansion in U.S. history. The Reagan Era was a time in which every income quintile saw gains in overall wealth and income, a time in which the middle class gained the most and our economy grew by a third.

Ronald Reagan championed four “Pillars of Freedom”: individual liberty, economic opportunity, global democracy and national pride. With this site we hope to educate people throughout the world about his achievements.