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There are a number of options potential sponsors can use to display ads on the President Reagan Information Page.

Review the options below, then send us an inquiry. The Reagan Information Page brings in a unique audience. Our visitors are overwhelmingly voting-aged, politically motivated people. This is a great way to market political campaigns; advertise political, economic and historic media like books and DVDs and to reach students and researchers of all ages.

Note: because we highly value the privacy of our visitors we do not collect demographic information as a routine matter. From time to time we conduct user surveys, but any demographic information you need should be collected at your site. We do not sell our customer or user list, though we are willing to conduct an opt-in campaign on your behalf for a per-registration fee of $0.50. Contact us for more information.

  • Banner AdsBanner ads come in various shapes and sizes. From the traditional 468×60 full-size banner to smaller 120×60 button-sized banners. You can send us your banners or we can make one for you for a nominal fee.Whichever size you choose, banners are displayed in a uniformly random manner unless you choose to become a premier sponsor.Banners are displayed at the top and/or bottom of most pages and along the side for smaller and vertically-oriented banners. Each banner is guaranteed to be displayed at least 1000 times per month. If you wish a higher impression rate, then check out our premier sponsor option.Our banner ad rates are $100.00 per month, paid in advance.
  • Premier SponsorAs with our banner ad choice, a premier sponsor can use any size and shape banner. Our premier sponsors are guaranteed an impress for every unique visitor. That is, for each person who visits our site, your banner will be displayed at least once. Our premier sponsor rates are $300.00 per month, paid in advance and there are a limited number of slots per month.
  • Campaign SlotsOur site is a tremendous way to reach a targeted politically motivated audience! Campaign slots are reserved ad slots that are shown at least once to every unique visitor and can lead to a custom co-branded advertisement on our site. This page can link to you campaign site and contain whatever information you would like to present. We recommend that you emphasize Reagan’s “Pillars of Freedom”: individual liberty, economic opportunity, global democracy and national pride and/or reference some of Reagan’s policies on your page.Campaign slot rates vary in price according to the campaign season:
    • January-June$500.00 per month. Get out your message early and gain that critical mass of supporters! Have a primary campaign? This is a great time to seize the initiative.
    • July-August and December.$300.00 per month, or free if you advertise every month from January-June. While some consider this “down time” for a campaign, we know that reaching potential supporters is a non-stop job. December is free if you pay January through June in advance.December ads can include the last two weeks of November if you sign up before November 15th.
    • September-October$1000.00 per month. October ads run through the second week of November. This is prime time! Your campaign will benefit from the extra contributions and support you gain during this critical time.
  • Co-Sponsorships

Co-sponsors receive preferential ad placement, co-branding on all pages and unique tie-ins to their own web sites. We can even build a web site for you!The co-sponsor rate is $1500.00 per month and brings you exposure to over 5000 new and unique visitors each month. Repeat visits average over 50,000 per month. Our audience is world-wide in scope. Benefit from the attention that a only destination site can give you. Unlike a search engine or shopping portal, our visitors have come to browse the site and find out more about President Reagan. Benefit from this “sticky” behavior by becoming a co-sponsor!